Fish & Chicken

25. Fresno Salmon with Grilled Avocado

Grilled salmon with bearnaise butter, avocado gratinated with Parmesan cheese, warm
root vegetables, chickpea salad and Fresno mashed potatoes.

26. Mexican Tuna

Grilled tuna, warm tomato salsa, nacho crumbs, grilled chorizo, grilled vegetables, French
fries and house BBQ dip.

27. Fresno Seafood Mix – for two –

Grilled salmon, four breaded king prawn tails, four calamari rings, grilled corn, Beurre
Blanc sauce, sweet potato fries and garlic dip.

28. Chicken with Goat Cheese

Chicken breast topped with goat cheese, devil’s jam, warm root vegetables, chickpea
salad and sweet potato fries.

29. Chicken Black & White

Grilled chicken breast, hickory sauce and Beurre Blanc sauce, grilled vegetables and
Fresno mashed potatoes.