16. Jack Daniel’s Pepper Steak

Your choice of steak, Jack Daniel’s pepper sauce, bearnaise butter, grilled vegetables and
roasted garlic-flavored potatoes.

17. Special Manhattan Steak

Your choice of steak, hickory sauce, bacon, blue cheese, sweet potato fries, beer-battered
onion rings, grilled vegetables and coleslaw.

18. Cheese Master’s Steak

Your choice of steak, blue cheese, jalapeño and cheddar sauce, grilled vegetables and a
baked potato with bearnaise butter.
Beef sirloin (200 g)
Beef tenderloin (180 g)
Beef brisket (200 g)
Pork sirloin (200 g)
Chicken breast (180 g)
Grilled salmon (200 g)

19. Fresno Grilled Pork Steak

Grilled pork sirloin steak (200 g), hickory sauce, bearnaise butter, grilled vegetables and
Fresno mashed potatoes.

20. Fresno Grilled Meat Mix

Smoked pork ribs, two lagerwurst sausages, chicken breast, hickory sauce, beer-battered
onion rings, grilled corn, French fries and garlic dip.

21. Fresno Ribs Plate

Smoked pork ribs (approx. 400 g incl. bones), hickory sauce, grilled corn and rustic potato

22. Fresno Minute Steak

Thin beef sirloin steak, bearnaise butter, Jack Daniel’s pepper sauce, grilled vegetables
and French fries.

23. California Style Steak & Chorizo

Beef sirloin steak (200g) seasoned with smoked paprika spice mix, grilled chorizo, grilled
vegetables, baked potato with bearnaise butter and mayonnaise flavored with whisky and
smoky chili.

24. Chef’s Steak

Grilled beef tenderloin (180 g), bacon, Beurre Blanc sauce, warm root vegetables,
chickpea salad and roasted garlic-flavored potatoes.

You can also choose a green herb salad with avocado instead of potatoes.