16. Vegetarian Quesadillas L 14,90

Stir-fried fresh vegetables and sweet chili sauce between two tortillas.
Served with nachos, salsa, green herb salad and avocado.


17. Vegetarian Goat Cheese Burger VL 15,90

A bun with a veggie patty coated with goat cheese, devil’s jam, lettuce, tomato and marinated red onion. Served with sweet potato fries, American Dressing dip and coleslaw.


18. Vegetarian Chili Bowl VL, G 10,60

Stir-fried fresh vegetables in sweet chili sauce. Served in a bowl with nachos, jalapeño cheddar sauce and veggie sticks.


19. Fresno Vegetarian Combo L 15,90

Two fried vegetable samosas, beer-battered onion rings and waffle fries. Served with green herb salad, veggie sticks, avocado and sweet chili dip.